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Travel costsfor inspirational tech entrepreneurs and programmers to visit us.

Meals and transportationfor participants - keeping it accessible to everyone.

Program costsincluding material for daily courses and visits to local tech initiatives - anything from Barcamps and DemoDays to Meetups in Medellin.

Program Evaluation to make sure we evaluate what works and what doesn"t, in order to continue improving.

More about what Coderise will do

We have a hunch that by creating a space where kids gain the tools and connections necessary to launch into the field of programming web applications, in the long run -- kids are going to be inspired to use their creativity for anything from creating great products, to solving local community issues through technology to taking charge of their destiny.

In terms of tools, we mean the basic concepts any good programmer needs to create great web applications: HTML, some CSS and Javascript and electronics with Arduino and Node.js. In addition, we"re going to get them acquainted with Github, Heroku, how to search for code on the web -- all key tools for getting the job done. How basic these concepts are over others is arguable. What we REALLY want to teach is HOW to learn.

In terms of connections, we mean the necessay exchange of past experiences from people already out there launching a startup that is filling a global social need. To empower youth that likely don"t know much about the programming and tech start up scene, to meet people like @AndresBarreto from Onswipe, Alex Torrenegra (@Torrenegra) and our other tech entrepreneurs is essential to accompany tools with a vision.

We plan to do all of this in two months in Vive Lab at Ruta N, the main innovation center of Medellin, three times a week, covering transport and food for all participants and speakers that come all the way out to Medellín for the program.

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